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Nordic Dry Gin

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Nordic Dry Gin is the first product from Torstad Brewery and Distillery.

The taste is dry, where juniper dominates, supported by classic dry spices. Flavor concentrated but not boozy Long peppery aftertaste.

A tough gin with a lot of flavor, feels classic and rustic and stands out against many modern ones gin varieties. There are few floral notes and despite some citrus in the recipe, it does not appear clearly the taste.

A gin created as an all-round gin, it fits well in GT with tasty tonics but excels in cocktails.Try it in Negroni, Last World or Bijou where the gin and Chartreuse match each other perfectly.

Alcohol: 43.5% vol.

Navy Gin

Torstad Navy Gin is the second product from Torstad Brewery and Destilleri and is based on the same base spirit and with the same botanicals as Torstad Nordic Dry Gin, but in different proportions and at a higher alcohol content.

The scent is big and fills the room as soon as the bottle is opened. Juniper berries, coriander seed but also tones that bring to mind coniferous forest. It is dry, full-bodied and verdant.

The taste is strong and well-balanced, nothing that stands out and takes a clear place. Juniper, herbs, greenery, some pepperiness but no prominent citrus or alcohol heat. In the end, the high alcohol is felt in an explosion of flavor and a long peppery aftertaste.

A gin with an incredible amount of flavor and character, it goes absolutely well in both GT and Dry Martini, but it is in classic sour cocktails that it really shines.


Alcohol: 58.5% vol.

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