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In Torstad, creativity can flow freely. We create everything from scratch. Every detail has been refined to bring out the complex flavor of the Nordic landscape but with the unique element of exciting tropical nuances from our own tropical greenhouse where we harvest both tropical fruits and spices all year round.

And, it is where we have our soul in combination with our roots and the impressions from trips to all corners of the earth.

The gin we produce is a fusion originating in the rugged Nordic nature but which then meets the world of tropical influences that we ourselves have spent almost a lifetime exploring.

Our craft is based on Swedish wheat. There lies the foundation, in the most natural that the countryside can offer. We do not buy semi-finished products. We do everything ourselves.

From carefully selected wheat varieties, we crush the raw material, which we then let become the basis for drinks from Torstad B&D.

We have chosen not to seek any shortcuts. Everything we do, we do it with our heart and that applies to every single detail from raw material to finished product.

From the wheat we grind the raw material on which we base our gin. In our distillery, we then let fresh water, wheat, and yeast grow to the 95% alcohol required to produce gin of the highest quality.

Ginet has been inspired by the nature around Torstad and carries clear flavors of the Swedish forest and our meadows. Leaves of wild wine, shoots from fir and pine, nettles and berries are collected locally around Torstad.

However, it is in our own tropical greenhouse that we experiment with the details that characterize Torstads various spirits.

So taste our gin varieties and let yourself be surprised by the fusion between the northern and the tropical flavors that make Torstad B&D so unique










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